Q: What are your charges?

We charge according to parts and labour. As each job is different we cannot provide general pricing on our website. If you require an estimated price on your job please use our 1 HOUR FAST QUOTE.


Q: When can you do my job?

Most jobs are completed within 24 hours of being booked in. Some are even completed on the same day booked in. If you require immediate response for a job please contact us during our normal operating hours. Job completion times may vary depending on the job type.

Q: Where are you located? Do you service my suburb?

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). We currently service residential homes within Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We currently don't service Melbourne CBD unless we have agreed to do so by prior arrangement.

Q: What are your trading hours?

Our business operates from 7am – 7pm Monday to Sunday.


Q: Are you insured and is your work covered by a warranty?

Yes, we are covered by a minimum public liability insurance of $5 million. All parts supplied and labour carried out by us have a 12 month (1 year) warranty. Beware of service providers who offer "10 year warranty" or "lifetime warranty". These providers are generally using this as a marketing tool to convince customers to use their services even though they have no intention to honour these warranties.

Q: Do you have an ABN number?

Yes. The ABN number is: 51 682 785 963


Q: Will you hide the cables when you wall mount my TV?

Yes, provided the wall has a cavity we will hide the wiring. If the wall is made of brick/concrete we will recommend using a cable cover/duct to hide all wiring from top to bottom. We have uploaded a Video to easily explain how we hide cables on a typical plaster wall installation.

Q: I have purchased my own TV wall mount/bracket.  Will you be able to use that?

Yes, we can install the bracket you have purchased. Although we strongly recommend having us supply and install the TV wall mount/bracket. We have 20+ years of experience with selecting the best bracket for each individual installation. It also means when we supply the TV wall mount/bracket that we are able to offer a warranty on that part we have supplied and fitted.


Q: Why does my digital TV picture break up?

There are many reasons why digital TV picture breaks up. It normally relates to antenna/reception issues. We would really need to test the signal to assess where the problem exists.

Q: Do I need a new antenna for digital TV?

In most cases a new antenna is not required. However, every situation is different and may require further inspection if there are problems with receiving digital TV channels. We recommend our site testing service to check the signal and inspect the antenna system.

Q: Is it best to have my digital TV antenna mounted on top of the roof or inside the roof cavity?

This really depends on the digital signal strength/quality and roof type. We conduct a signal test onsite and determine the best location for the antenna prior to installation.  If the roof is made of tin or has roof sarking (foil insulation under tiles), then the antenna must not be installed inside the roof cavity. Rest assured all our antenna installations are covered under our 1 year warranty for quality digital TV reception.